cruise in the port of Rotterdam with Spido

A cruise in the port of Rotterdam is one of the best attractions in Rotterdam. Spido is a shipping company that has existed for a very long time, namely since 1919. Nearly 600,000 visitors make a round trip in the port of Rotterdam with Spido every year.

The modern ships of Spido take you through the breathtaking port of Rotterdam, one of the largest in the world. You will see gigantic sea-going vessels and you can see the activity in the harbor. Before you realize it, the boat navigates amidst the busy port traffic.

You can take beautiful photos from Spido’s boats. In bad weather you sit comfortably inside and with nice sunny weather you can enjoy the large sun deck on the boat.

Sights during a cruise in the port of Rotterdam

The boats of Spido leave right next to the famous Erasmus bridge, and when the boat starts the tour you have a beautiful view of the “Maas” bridges. That will be the first moment of many to take a beautiful picture.

The Spido boats sail past the “Veer” harbour and the “Scheepvaartkwartier”. On the other side you see the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam with the skyscrapers.

You can see the famous old “Hotel New York” and the “Euromast” tower as well. Further on you will also cruise past the historic cruise ship the “ss Rotterdam”.

Reach Spido Rotterdam by public transport

You can find Spido tours Rotterdam at the following address: Willemsplein 85. Take the metro from Rotterdam Central station and get off at the “Leuvehaven” stop.

Parking at Spido Rotterdam

You can park at Spido Rotterdam in the “Erasmus” parking garage which is also located at “Willemsplein”.

Opening hours Spido Rotterdam

You can enjoy boat tours with Spido harbour tours Rotterdam on all days except Mondays. Then they are closed. The cash register at Spido Rotterdam is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The departure schedule depends on weather and season.

By the way, if you buy the “Rotterdam Welcome Card” you get 25% discount on many attractions and museums in Rotterdam, including Spido cruise.