Efteling Amusement Park Holland

Theme park Efteling is a top attraction in The Netherlands.  Looking for roller coasters in the Netherlands? Enjoy a day in the family-friendly theme park Efteling. The Efteling Theme Park is located in Kaatsheuvel and is one of the most popular parks of it’s kind in the Netherlands. With an impressive attendance of almost six million a year, it is the largest theme park in the Netherlands and the fourth largest in Europe.

The Efteling Park Map shows a mix of adrenaline pumping and family-friendly attractions. It is divided into four different areas: the fairyland in the northwest, the travel destination in the northeast, the Andersland in the southwest and the adventure land Rohland in the southeast.

The Efteling has a lot of good restaurants, so there is a dish for every taste. The park has received many awards for its talking garbage cans, which are intended to encourage visitors to throw the trash into them. The special thing about this park is that it has opened for you all year round. So you can also relax outside the holidays or the summer season have fun in the numerous Efteling rides, without having to take long waiting periods.

Examples of attractions in the theme park

For lovers of speed, the Bobsleigh run is a must. The trail of 524 meters leads through a tree landscape. The journey lasts 100 seconds and meanwhile you reach a speed of 60 km per hour. During the ride you will be treated to traditional Austrian music.

A popular attraction among younger visitors is the “Fairytale Forest, where you can see 27 different Fairy Tales” full of details so you can go with your children in a world full of imagination.

After an exciting day in the park, you can relax by visiting the water show “Aquanura“. This takes place a few times in the evening and completes your visit. The show enchants you for twelve minutes with a breathtaking water feature brought to life by 193 fountains.

The newest roller coaster in Efteling is a steel roller coaster named “Baron 1898“. During the journey time of 130 seconds you will be catapulted to an incredible speed of up to 90 km per hour.

There is also a genuine wooden roller coaster. The “Joris en de Draak” rollercoaster has a height of 25 meters and reaches a maximum speed of 75 km per hour. The journey of this rollercoaster takes about two minutes.

The water roller coaster “De Vliegende Hollander” ensures a cooling off on hot days. At a distance of over 420 meters, you will certainly not stay dry. The maximum speed of 70 km per hour also makes you scream. The journey takes almost four minutes.

Opening hours 

The theme park Efteling is open 365 days a year. There are different seasons for the Efteling opening hours. The summer season takes place from July to August. During this time the park is open until 8pm. Winter starts in mid-November and opening hours are from 11am to 6pm. The rest of the time the park opens its doors between 10am and 6pm.