In the Royal Delft Experience in Delft you take a journey through the history of the world famous and age old Delft Blue. The location is the only remaining Delft earthenware factory from the 17th century, Royal Delft / Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles from 1653. Until today, the world famous Delft Blue pottery is painted by hand in this factory.

During your visit to the Royal Delft Experience in Delft you will make an audiovisual tour through the history and production process of Delftware. At the end of the tour there is a painting demonstration where you can see the craft of a pottery maker. During the tour there is also attention for the Dutch royal family by visiting the Royal Treasury. Attention is also paid to the famous painter Vermeer including a visit to Vermeer’s Dining Room.

Thereafter you make a tour through the factory where you can see all the craftsmen at work who work according to the authentic production process. In the beautiful showroom you can then admire the handpainted souvenirs.

How do I reach Royal Delft Experience?

The address of Royal Delft is Rotterdamseweg 196 in Delft, and you can park for free around the building. Delft central station is only a 15 minute walk away. Near the Royal Delft there are also a few bus stops from where you can reach the station.

Brasserie1653, special restaurant

You can also go to Royal Delft for a snack and a drink in Restaurant Brasserie1653. The restaurant has a beautiful terrace at a historic inner garden. You can also just eat or drink here without visiting Royal Delft.

Visit Royal Delft with children

A visit to Royal Delft is also very nice with children. For example, children can get to know the blue and white pottery better through a photo search game. Many activities for children are also organized during the school holidays.